Law: About Me

July 15, 2007

Hello everybody, for my first post on Malpractice I am going to do a quick introduction and explain how I got involved in this blog. 

I am a middle class guy from a decent Chicago Suburb.  After high school I went to an unspectacular (though good) Private school in the Midwest where I was involved in a variety of things and did well in school.  When law school application time came around, I sent out applications to most of the top schools and got  accepted to the vast majority.  I selected Harvard and will start in the Fall of 2007.

 I hope to use this blog as a place to reflect on law school, myself, careers, legal news, and anything else of interest that is at least somewhat related to law school and politics.  When I have had one blog before, an on and off blog that focused on my application process and my random rants. 

 A few days ago I was getting ready to start blogging again, because I enjoyed blogging when I had the chance.  BigKurz and I were talking and decided that it would be an interesting spin on blogging if we combined our very different professional school experiences into one blog. 

 Currently I am finalizing the details of my move to Boston, talk about stressful. 

I hope everybody enjoys reading and feel free to leave comments and thoughts. 


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