Med: An Introduction

July 15, 2007

It’s summertime. Orientation for medical school begins in one month. Should I be preparing? Should I be worrying? Nah…I think I’ll start blogging instead.

I’ve never really put serious effort into a blog, so this essentially represents my first attempt at telling the world my story. The idea (and name) for Malpractice came from my friend–the law student you will come to know as “Clegal.” We thought it could be quite interesting to tell our stories together as we journey through the world of professional school. Our lives, however, are going to be quite different (Read: Mine’s going to be much more intense…but don’t tell him I said that), and that became the reason for the Med vs. Law format we will be using.

I could go on here at length about my life, but you’ll probably get to know me well enough as this blog continues. Instead, I’ll just give ya the essentials:

-Starting in August, I will be an M1 at the UIC College of Medicine

-I graduated from Duke University (B.S. in Biology) in May 2007

-I’ll be moving into Chicago on July 20th

-My primary interests lie in pediatric…something. I love kids. I want to treat kids. I’m just not sure which type of medicine I’ll like (or rather…be any good at).

Once I’m all moved into my apartment, I will start blogging on a more consistent basis. Until then, the only thing I really have going on in my life is watching the Cubs and waiting for Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows. Yup, my life is quite involved right now…

KurzMan…signing off.


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