Law: Books About Law School

July 18, 2007

Going to law school is stressful business.  Not only is the study of law daunting in its own right, but a cottage industry based on scaring future 1L’s has sprung up to help make the process even more intimidating.

 If a 1L feels confident after talking to past law students and visiting schools, a quick trip to B&N can fix that right away.  Walk into the “Law” section and you can find such optomistic treasures as “One L” and “Ivy Briefs.” 

If these aren’t enough, there is still the classic movie/TV series “Paperchase” and countless legal blogs like this one. 

Even with all this negative reinforcement in place, I can still safely say, I feel I am ready for law school.  I have talked to current students, and one thing has become clear:  If you work, you will be ok. 

 With this in mind, I am posting BLOG RESOLUTION 1:

This blog will not turn into another “law school is so hard, woe is me” blog, there are just too many of those already in existance.


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