Law: Tuition

July 20, 2007

Today hurt.  Not that kind of pain that you get when you get your finger caught in a car door or feel your elbow give up when you are throwing a softball, but that other type of hurt.  The type of hurt that can only come from realizing that you could have bought a nice car for the amount you just spending paying for ONE SEMESTER of school.

 Unlike my friend Kurzman, I did not receive a cushy scholarship to attend law school, partially because I didn’t deserve one, and partially because creating more attourneys is not considered to be a benefit to society the way additional doctors are.  For an interesting follow up, read this article  (all credit to ATL for this one) about a lawmaker trying to cut law school funding.  He has an interesting point in my opinion. HOW DARE THEY THINK THAT!  (Please note, the last sentence was completely sarcastic).   

 So back to the point.  Today I paid my first semesters tuition (and almost choked when I sent the funds transfer), but I guess that means I am one step closer to becoming a real law student. 

Somehow, paying my bill calmed my nerves.  I now feel like this whole process if for real and that in a month I really will be a law student, not just a college graduate talking about being a law student.

In closing, to the person up north trying to cut state funding, more power to you.  Why should the government be subsidizing education for people who intend to earn a large return on their time.  If the government in cheese-land really wants to do something to benefit the legal profession, they should start a state sponsored loan repayment plan for people working in the public interest funded by cutting the subsidy to UW-Madison.

Of course, there is no way the subsidy will actually be cut, but I agree with this guy that it should (although his reasons are rather dubious).


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