Law: Pre-School Prep

July 22, 2007

It seems to me that law students are, by nature, OCD about some things.  It is very rare that you will find a law student with the same “throw everything to the wind and see what happens” mentality that some certain communications fields/fine arts people others  have.  Because of this, the summer before law school is a particularly difficult time, at least, for me it was.  It is tough to know that I am about to go to school with some of the brightest minds in the world and study law from some of the best professors in legal academia.  And yet, as I get ready to go, I have done exactly nothing to prepare for the academic parts of law school. 

 Sure I have paid my bill, filled out the needed forms and started to pack, but these are the types of preparation that are needed for the life part of law school and have nothing to do with the academic parts of legal education.  I know that some are reading hornbooks, outlines, or other documents to help gain a feel for the material before they ever set foot on campus, but this just didn’t appeal to me.

When I read the materials sent to 1L students, the recommendation was made to do nothing.  Talk about telling a group something that is against their nature.  Untill yesterday, I had decided to follow this advice and contradict my natural inclination at the same time, but last night I caved. 

 After reading the 6th or 7th recommendation that I try LEEWS (for those of you that dont know, LEEWS is a day long presentation that aims to teach law students how to prepare for the Law School and specifically law school exams), I decided to go to their website.  After looking around the website, I saw the line “The self-study CD program is as effective if not more effective than the real life sessions.”  If this wasn’t a line calling to me, I know know what is.  I used a self-study regiment to prepare for the LSAT with good results and felt extremely comfortable preparing this way. 

So after some consideration, I pulled out my credit card, entered the number and ordered LEEWS, which I plan to complete in the evenings over the next couple weeks.  Despite trying to follow the common “do nothing” advice, my nature won out, and I suspect the same will have been true for many of my future classmates this summer.


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