Law: Teaching Teachers

July 29, 2007

Today I had a HUGE de-ja-vue moment.  Starting Monday I am going to be helping out at a conference designed to teach teachers areas of congress that are interesting and relevant but not often covered in classes. 

  The idea of this conference is to bring in a bunch of experts to talk about what it is really like to be in congress and to discuss some finer points of politics in general.  Over the course of the week participants will deal with topics such as “New Electoral Math”, Customs of the House, and participate in a simulation that puts them in the shoes of a congressional rep.  In addition to teaching interesting areas, the conference will also include sharing best practices and presenting classroom activities and simulations to give teachers alternatives to focusing government education on the dry nuts and bolts that many of us learned.  Learning how the branches work together and memorizing the pay and qualifications for various positions is well and good, but it doesn’t provoke an interest in government.  Hopefully after attending this conference, teachers will be more dynamic and have the tools to not only teach the facts, but really demonstrate what makes government fascinating.  How does this relate to anything?  Today I was asked to sum up the program in a few words.  My answer:  Teaching Teachers.  When these words came out of my mouth, I couldn’t remember where I had heard them before.  Then, earlier this evening, I was cleaning out my room and I came across the HLS recruitment DVD’s and remembered where I heard it!  Martha Minow said that very quote on the Academia DVD when she was talking about why she loves her job so much!  Another mystery solved.  Anyway, I will try to post an update from the conference; it really should be an interesting experience for everybody involved!


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