Law: “Its a nicer place than when I went there”

August 5, 2007

I love hearing stories from people that went to HLS in the past, or from people that “know someone” that went to HLS in the past.  The stories always  start the same way:  “I know that HLS is a nicer/happier place now then when I went there, but…..” and usually contains the clause “and when I went there they said that it was better then it was 20 years before I got there.”

 Basically, what these stories imply is that everybody had it easier than the people that came before them, and it is easier now than it ever was.  Every time I hear this, part of my smiles in relief that I will have it better than the person that came before me.  Furthermore, every time I hear these stories I think “mabye I can get a five year deferral” after all, thats a quarter of the 20 year time period these people already talk about. 

Law school will always be hard, so you can only make it a “more friendly place” so often, I wonder what the next step is.  Twenty years from now, what will I be recalling about my time at HLS?

  “When I went there they only had free coffee, but now they have catered lunch every day!”


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