August 6, 2007

As I have mentioned before, I recently started to prepare for law school and get my mind thinking legally by ordering the LEEWS course materials. 

Unlike Kurzman who has taken a little time to relearn REAL material, I have been learning how to take law school exams.  That last line seems a little silly doesn’t it?

I am spending my summer learning how to show professors how much I have learned.  Before you ask, YES, I realize how strange that is.

I just recently finished the first of the eight LEEWS CD and I must say, this is going to be a difficult project.  As I move through this program, I will post a few of the lessons I have gleamed from the CD’s.

The first CD was focused on three topics:  Why IRAC isn’t a good enough method, why LEEWS is awsome, and the general concept of how LEEWS works (helping you to break down hypos into smaller “premises” that are easier to deal with.

So thats my first LEEWS lesson, hopefully I will stay motivated and continue to work through the program. 


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