Law: Illinois Politics

August 9, 2007

At the school that I attended for my undergraduate education, all of the incoming freshmen came to school for a four day program before school started.  At this program, we met other students, learned about various aspects of the university, made our freshmen schedules, and had lots of fun.  One of the most random parts of the weekend was a short session about the general education classes at the school.  In this presentation, a college professor told us that the purpose of college was to become a professional, then explained how all of the general education classes helped move us towards being “professionals.” 

 A year later, during a random non Political Science class, a professor told our class that as educated members of society, we had an obligation to make ourselves aware of the world around us and to take an educated position in the political process (basically know what is going on  and act rationally). 

I say all this as an explination for why I will, from time to time, post random political rants on this blog.  This is not a political blog.  Kurzman and I see eye to eye on very few political issues and generally align ourselves at opposite ends of the political spectrum.

With that in mind, here is my rant.

Illinois politics is currently in a state of disrepair.  Actually, this is a completely wrong statement.  Illinois politics is currently in a state of easy repair, however this repair would be unconstitutional.  The current budget and policy problems in Illinois can be summed up in three words:  Governor Rod Blagojevich. 

Gov. Big Lie-a-vich is great case for why the electoral college serves a useful purpose.  Out of the entire state of Illinois, Gov-Rod is really only popular in one area, Chicago proper.  Because this area is so densely populated, Gov-Rod gets elected, despite having done nothing and being on the verge of having federal charges leveled against him.  Currently, Gov-Rod is holding up the budget and royally screwing the state in general over a pie in the sky policy. 

If Chicago is by far the largest and most important city in Illinois, shouldn’t it have the strongest say in state politics you ask?  Why yes, it makes good sense for Chicago to play a vital role in selecting the Governor, however, when an election such as the ones that have put Gov-Rod in power occures, it undermines the rest of the state.  Essentially, since Governor Ryan’s last day in office ended, the city of Chicago has had two mayors, Mayor Daley and Mayor Rod.  Heck, Blago even lives in Chicago as opposed to the state capital!

Get ride of this fool.  I don’t care how.  Kick Blago out of office, let him fall to federal charges, and forget about him forever.  After that is accomplished, lets find a Governor that can bring the state out of debt, figure out how to fix the underfunded state pension, and advance the state as a whole.  Basically, find a clone of former Governor Jim Edgar….  or beg him to take the job again.


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