Law: Mail Call

August 13, 2007

On my way to work today I did what I do everyday, I stopped to check my mailbox and to grab anything sent to me for reading at stoplights (I know, very safe/mature) and when I get stopped by the train (the obvious question is, if I get stopped by the train every day, why not leave a few minutes earlier or later, and for that I do not have a good answer). 

 Today there was one package addressed to me and sent from the section leader of my 1L section.  The opening letter was nice, about what you would expect (welcome to our class/section, here is when you will find out more information, our section dinner is at this place on this date, our dinner with the dean is on this date more details to follow). 

The letter also included a reading assignment that we will “investigate together” during our second meeting.  I briefly glanced over it, it is almost completely in old english, great.  So this should be an FANTASTIC read. 

I tell you this story to get to this:  I am heading to law school in 15 days and I am not ready.  Hopefully this changes soon.


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  1. […] Instead of waiting until tomorrow, HLS decided to ruin my week a day early by sending my first assignment in the mail (as I mentioned earlier). […]

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