Med: Anatomy Comments

August 13, 2007

After my brother’s remark, I have decided to keep a record of noteworthy comments in regards to my receipt of an anatomy atlas (and massive amount of information it contains).

1) “Yea, well you’re gonna be a doctor…there’s gonna be a lot of big words and lots of pages.”-Brother

2) “Are you really supposed to know all of that?”-Clegal

3) “What the hell is a ‘Netter’s’ “-Good friend, and future med student…if only she knew

4) “Got my atlas, OMG. If we have to know ALL that…i’m fucked!”-Classmate of mine

5) “Well now you have no excuse for not being able to find the clitoris.”-Roommate


One Response to “Med: Anatomy Comments”

  1. c wurst said

    hey man, i’m reading. it’s nice to keep up with what you’re up to in chi-town.

    and yeah, i know how you feel about your anatomy book. for our leg dissection class last year, doug and i bought grant’s atlas of anatomy. i only had to know a tiny, tiny sliver of that book for my leg anatomy class. thank god.

    so good luck with med school man, i know you’re gonna rock it. (and yeah, i was able to find the exact location of the clitoris)

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