Law: Case Open

August 14, 2007

This post started as a not at all law school related post that was going to discuss by friend’s troubles with Netters, or rather, my lack of sympathy for him about it (given the amount of cases and the size of casebooks we are supposed to read).  After typing a few lines, I decided that I didn’t want to go there given the fact that I just have to remember the cases and holdings, and he has to actually be able to locate the organs he is learning about.

So I changed directions and was going to talk about Kurzman’s roommate and poke some fun there, specifically related to his comments about Kurzman’s book, but this seemed to easy.

Eventually, I settled on talking about how my week was ruined early.

I was already planning on having my week ruined tomorrow.  This is because tomorrow, I will have my wisdom teeth, all of which are impacted, removed. 

Instead of waiting until tomorrow, HLS decided to ruin my week a day early by sending my first assignment in the mail (as I mentioned earlier).

Tonight I sat down to read the case (Regina v. Dudley for those of you with any interest) and let me tell you, it was an experience.  Sure the case was interesting (the issue being is killing one against their will in order to save a group a defense to murder) but it was written in old english and a very difficult read.

I expect law school, and especially the case method, to be difficult.  I think I am ready to do the work and I appreciate the professor’s efforts to get us ready for the case method, but couldn’t we pick a modern case?

Anyway, the case was decided about how I feel it should have been decided and I look forward to the discussion, but I am still none-to-thrilled about performing my first law school homework assignment.


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