Law: Why I Don’t Like Mac People

August 20, 2007

As I mentioned in an earlier post Kurzman and I don’t see eye to eye on everything with politics being a good example.  I want to follow that up by saying we agree on a decent number of political issues, we just have different priorities and those priorities tend to focus on things that put us at odds about some things.  That said, I very much respect his opinion.

 Another area where he is clearly better informed than me yet we clearly disagree is technology.  There is no doubt in my mind that Kurzman knows vastly more about all things tech than I do, and again we disagree significantly.  In the computer world there are two types of people, PC people and Mac people.  Kuzman, like a large portion of the high tech community (and a large portion of the liberal community) is a Mac person.  I, like a lot of conservatives and people without a large knowledge of electronics, am a PC person.

If you asked me when I like PC’s I would give you an extremely random explination, most likly about ease of use.  Even afer Bootcamp and whatever else Mac has done to become more friendly in this nature, you cannot dispute that a PC is the computer of business (unless you are into graphics stuff) and that when I start work, odds are it will be on a computer with windows.  For that reason alone, I see no need to ever get a Mac, but who knows what the future will bring.

What really bothers me about Macs though is the group of people that comprise their client base.  Again, a quick recognition:  there are plenty or really nice Mac owners and the vast majority of people I know I would never place in this group, but there is a very specific, very annoying group of people that are diehard Mac owners and they annoy the heck out of me.  I have yet to see any similar group frequenting PC’s.

I am talking about people like those described in this article.  The type of “We Hate Corporate America” “We Like Mac Because It Is Different” “Steve Jobs is God” types.  Every time I meet or read about one of these people, I can’t help but think they are the Yuppie version of the “Goth Kids” I saw in high school.  They embrace things because they are different and build their love around hatred for the opposition, attacking others as blind and shortsighted but lacking any superior justification of their own.  Like the Goths these yuppies remind me of, they love being different than the norm, but decide to conform to some new “Same/norm” in the process of being different and like the “Goth” kids in high school, even these Mac Yuppies clearly show some of the same “mainstream” tastes of the PC people, otherwise they would go all the way and use LINUX or something truely “free from corporate america”. 

 Anyway, back to my Mac Rant.  Get over yourself iphone people.  The iphone doesn’t owe you ANYTHING.  Its a product.  You aren’t entitled to it. If you want it, but it and read the conditions.  If you but it and dont follow the conditions and are left with a product you cant use, too friggin bad.  I wouldn’t buy a car, break the law with it, then get pissed at the car dealer that I paid a lot of money for a car I now cannot use because it is government property so why should you complain about having the service on your phone turned off for breaking the law? Get over yourself and your sense of self-entitlement.

If you don’t like at&t, dont get the iphone but don’t be angry at a company for knowing a good marketing decision when they see one.  Seriously, I cannot imagine what is going on in your head for you to feel “wronged” because you do not like the terms of a consumable good.  Fine, you don’t like the way iphone is being sold, shut the hell up and don’t buy one.  Go get a Treo or Crackberry or something else, but stop your whinning Apple doesn’t owe you anything, at&t doesn’t owe you anything, and Steve Jobs doesn’t owe you anything.  The only person with ANY obligation in this situation is the person who buys the phone.  That person has an obligation to at&t not to violate the terms of the contract, so as I see it, the only people doing anything wrong are the people crying about how they are being harmed.


One Response to “Law: Why I Don’t Like Mac People”

  1. kurzman85 said

    Macs are awesome you asshole. Fuck PCs. KurzMan is never going back.

    And I’m not kidding either. 🙂

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