Law: School Still Hasn’t Started

August 22, 2007

School hasn’t started yet, so I still don’t have anything productive to write about, so instead, I will write about two random other things real quick.

 First, I wonder if this completely stupid statement would have been issued if this was Manning and not Mike Vick.  This article shows just  how stupid people get when other issues that don’t really exist cloud their judgement.

On a slightly more on topic note, Kurzman talked about how shots were taken at Law School students during one of his orientationish sessions.  First off, I wanna say THANK GOD.  I really hope we don’t have as much work as med school students, and I would want my Dr to have had a harder road than my counselor.  That said, I don’t know how most law students feel about these coments, but I will say that last year, whenever I started to feel bad about how messed up my life would be this upcomming year, an episode of Grey’s Anatomy always cheered me up by providing a healthy dash of “at least it could be worse.

Also, I don’t spell well.  If you haven’t noticed then you must not spell well either.  If you have noticed, I appologize, but deal with it.


3 Responses to “Law: School Still Hasn’t Started”

  1. kurzman85 said

    You misspelled “apologize.” I almost pissed myself when I read it. 🙂

  2. caah said

    yeah.. serriously

  3. kurzman85 said

    And for the record Caah…you just misspelled seriously.

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