Med: Powerful Moment

August 26, 2007

Dr. Ho–the main course instructor for biochemistry–is a wonderful professor. He makes sure to mix in his share of funny anecdotes throughout what is otherwise rather dry material. While I have actually been quite happy with all of the instructors that we’ve had, he stands out above the rest. It is very clear that he cares about his students.

Friday was our first day with an afternoon lecture–we”d only been going from 8:30-12:30 up until then. I contemplated leaving during the lunch hour and beginning my weekend, but thought better of it–and I’m glad I did.

The lecture itself was about various diseases that come about as a result of protein folding problems–things like Alzheimer’s and Mad Cow Disease. During the Alzheimer’s section, he displayed a picture of a brain cell entering into a diseased state–a picture having come from a deceased patient. After changing the tone from jovial (his status quo) to serious–telling us his father in law passed away from Alzheimer’s quite recently–he said the following memorable quote that I will carry with me throughout my medical career:

“For all of you here today, I want you to remember the following–especially when you want to skip class. A lot of human suffering had to happen for you to be able to learn what you will in medical school. Remember that.”

I found myself quite affected by this quote; truly, it was demonstrative of the gravitas with which our profession deals. I can hardly put into words the connection you begin to feel toward humanity during medical school–even this early in my journey.

And that’s why I’m here and not in law school.


One Response to “Med: Powerful Moment”

  1. clegal said

    Great story, I bet you could have heard a pin drop in that room.

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