Law: The Move

August 28, 2007

First of all, I want to say props to Kurzman for his work to make the website more complete and for working to get site traffic up.  Nice work dude.

Now for what I believe will be the last of my posts for a while that is not really law school related.  I have a confession:  I am a terrible flyer.  Last October I flew from my UG to Newark for a conference on ethics at West Point.  On that flight I experienced the worst shaking I have ever been involved in on an airplane.  I do not get motion sick, but I wanted to puke for about thirty five minutes.  Since then, I have not been a good flyer.  Combine this with exploding planes and a generally strange world, and I am a really really bad flyer.  Needless to say, I am nervous about tomorrow and can think of little else.

 That said, I finished packing today, mostly warm weather clothes and electronics, I would not be shocked if airport security stops me, frisks me, then frisks me again.  I have so many wires and electronics flying with me that I could open a radio shack on the plane. 

I’ll post something of substance before orientation starts, but until then, wish me luck and I hope things go well for all of you.


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