Law: Ranking Flaw or Student Info

September 6, 2007

A I sit down to write about this third and final question, I realize that I have covered most of what I wanted to say in the second of the three part post on law school rankings.

 In answering the question, is it a flaw in the methodology that school ranks dont change, I believe it is not for the reasons given in my last post.

In looking a little bit into what this tells us about students, I feel it tells us three things:

1.  The top students are VERY aware of the status of the school they are attending.  Students with good numbers are, to be frank, choosing to go to the top schools.

2.  Related to this, students want to go where other, better students go.  If all a law student wanted to do was have a chance to shine (ignoring other factors) a Tier Four would be a perfect situation.  Less competition and a greater chance to shine.  Clearly that is not the case as top students continue to attend top schools.

3.  Jobs jobs jobs.  Students are going to the schools that have the best job prospects, and for 150K who can blame them for wanting to minize risk?  Sure a scholarship minimizes risk, but the policy of most non-top 25 schools has been to not renue scholarships if you dont hit a certain class rank, leaving you stuck twice (low rank and having to pay more money) meaning you will owe more and make less than you thought going in.

 Nothing too earth shattering tonight.  I’ll do a first week recap pretty soon.


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