Med: Histology Lecture BLOWS

September 14, 2007

Ok–I officially hate a class: Histology.

For you non-med types, histology is basically the in-depth study of the cell, both conceptually and–more importantly–visually. Now I’m not trying to claim expertise or anything–there is PLENTY that I need to learn–but I cannot get myself to go to class anymore because it’s so boring. Additionally, the professors are pretty awful. If you’ve been following this blog, you have probably started to realize that I’m not exactly a prof-ripper–I’ve LOVED mine so far (especially Dr. Ho)–but these profs leave something to be desired.

Granted, they do not exactly have an exciting topic with which to work–but it’s not just that, I promise. Biochem isn’t that “cool” either, but Dr. Ho makes coming to class both fun and memorable–and he really cares about his students; furthermore, I spent an ENTIRE semester at Duke taking a 200-level seminar course solely on Sensory Signal Transduction (Calcium Calcium Calcium!) that managed to be quite enjoyable as well. A non-sexy topic is simply not an excuse for a crappy class.

So this week (the FIRST week of histo), I’ve already started to skip class. I told myself I wouldn’t do that in med school…but I just can’t help it. I left halfway through class on day 1, and only showed up today because I wanted to get information about lab tomorrow (which i will go to…). However, about ten minutes into class, our charisma-oozing professor had this to say:

“And for all of your friends and classmates that aren’t coming to class…let them know that reading the book is just as good, if not better, than actually coming to class.” (Emphasis Added).

Wow–what an endorsement. Within two minutes, my bags were packed and I headed down to the student lounge–I’m going to enjoy having random afternoons in which I can skip class and catchup on other things.

But if I happen to be complaining in a few months when I’m doing pretty shitty in histo…i’ll have only myself to blame.


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