Law: Homeworking

September 15, 2007

My Saturday morning has been about doing assignments.  Last week we got our first memo, which I finished a few days ago.  Today I proofread the memo and made some small changes to arrive at what I considered my “complete” first attempt. 

 Additionally, today I had my first Civ Pro mini assignment.  For these, we download a question, have two and a half hours, and must put together an answer that is no more than 600 words.  I’ll tell you more about that at the end of the week, for now I don’t want to post about an “examish” question that most still may not have looked at.

Suffice to say, as positive as I felt about Legal Writing is as negative as I felt about Civil Procedure.  I didn’t feel like I had a solid grasp of the issues (although I do somewhat feel like I put together an ok answer) and I completely flipped what I was saying about halfway through the paper. 

I’ll let you know how it goes, but as of now, I’m not nearly as confident as Kurzman was about his performance on his first set of assignments.

 I’m already working my butt off, I clearly need to pick it up, but I’m not sure how. 


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