Med: Exams & Such

September 19, 2007

Well, I’ve managed to make it through the initial med school exam blitz–3 tests in 3 weeks. I actually DO have another test next week to make it 4 tests in 4 weeks, but given that it’s not until Wednesday (rather than all the others that have been weekend-ruining monday exams)…it hardly feels urgent at this point.

The 3 tests have consisted of two biochemistry exams, and one in physiology. In general, I found them to be quite fair and not ridiculously difficult; furthermore, they’re all multiple choice–a nice change from Duke’s free-response exams hell. At least with multiple choice you have a fighting chance on every question–the correct answer IS on the page in front of you. If you’re taking a free response and don’t have a clue, you’re pretty much fucked (plus, free response = takes longer to grade = less questions = each question is worth more = lose points FAST).

One interesting aspect of these exams is that they are “Choose the Best Answer” and not “Choose the Right Answer.” Translation: more than one of them are correct…one is just more correct than the others. For example, on our last biochem exam, one clinical question seemed to list two interventions that would work; however, it was an emergent situation, and one of the “correct” answers was more suited to a long-term/sustainable solution, so I went with the other answer. And to add another quote from Dr. Ho:

“Multiple-choice is very good for a med school test. Not every diagnosis you make is going to be right…but you start crossing off all the wrong choices until you get the right one–just like our test. Except you can only take our test once.”

We just took biochem #2 this past monday so we haven’t yet received test scores, but we have gotten our scores for the first two. Given that there are probably at least a few of my fellow classmates reading, I don’t really feel comfortable giving my actual scores…but suffice to say I am QUITE happy with them–it’s nice to once again feel successful after four years of feeling mediocre. If you really care to know, just send me an IM and I’ll be happy to discuss them further.

But for now, I’m going to go waste time on the internet…i have a whole week before my next exam (Then again, it’s histo…should probably start soon). I’ll leave you with a clip from The Office instead…season premiere in a week!


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