Law: Yale Law School, Shut The Hell Up

September 23, 2007

So recently Yale lost its COA appeal questioning the constitutionality of the Solomon Ammendmant.  For those of you that don’t know, in 2002 the DOD starting interpreting this Ammendment to mean that if schools don’t allow military recruiters on campus, they can be denied federal funding. 

Now, Yale is private, but like all private schools, they receive a considerable amount of federal funding.  Apparently Yale believed that as a Private school they were somehow special and should get federal funding (yes, they believed public funding for private school was a right) despite their refusal to comply. 

I had a lot of respect for Yale when they stood up and said we don’t want to have recruiters so we wont.  I lost some respect when they sued to get their money anyway (to have their cake and eat it too).  I lost further respect for them today when I found out that, after loosing their appeal, they will not allow recruiters on campus.

I don’t care one way or the other about the recruiters issue itself.  What I do care about is the fact that what Yale essentially said with their actions is that their values can be bought.  As an institution they decided not to have recruiters, but apparently only if that doesn’t cost them.  The minute this “principled stand” cost them, they backed off.

Way to go Yale, way to set the tone for your students that values are more important than money.  Oh wait, nevermind.

Yet more proof that despite its reputation as a warehouse for young academics, even mighty Yale, that loves to throw sticks at its more successful Ivy league bretheren for being “sellouts” and worrying too much about sending graduates to Wall Street can be bought. 

Yale sucks. 


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