Med: CHIP Follow-up

September 25, 2007


I decided not to make this a brand new post. But to go even further, Bush today requested roughly $200 billion for wars in 2008. $200 billion. That’s $170b more than the Dems want to expand CHIP.

Requests $200b to kill other people. Will veto $30b to provide health insurance to kids falling between medicaid and private insurance. Talk about being “the decider!” And we let this man run our country? I’m quite proud to say he did not get my vote. 


Original Post:

Well, the House voted tonight on the CHIP bill…it passed 265-159. A substantial margin, yes, but not enough to override a veto (The Senate is predicted to pass it by an overwhelming amount–more than 2/3–but without the house this is inconsequential). So if the president goes ahead and vetoes it…it remains dead in the water for now.

But you know what? In the long run, this may just be better for the Democrats–and those in need of healthcare assistance. For those following politics, it’s no secret that the Dems have been pushing for some type of national healthcare system…whereas the Republicans want absolutely nothing to do with the healthcare debate. And unless they change that mindset, they will find themselves in trouble during the 2008 election:

“Despite the expected veto, many congressional Democrats welcomed the SCHIP debate as a way to open a second political front — in addition to Iraq — on which they feel Bush and his allies are out of step with voters.”

So while the CHIP veto may be a losing battle, it just may be a major boost to the Dems pursuit of the White House–and perhaps universal health care.


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