Law: Fantasy Gunner

September 30, 2007

  • So yesterday while sitting around watching college football (and confusing U-Dub for ND multiple times, just what Ty-Will was going for I think) a discussion of college football fantasy occured.  Now, before I continue, I should let everybody know that yes, I play fantasy college football.  On pretty much any night of the week (Tuesday and Wednesday exlcuded) there is a good chance I have some fantasy interest in some event somewhere (this doesn’t include my fantasy congress league). 

While this was being discussed, one of the 3L’s on my floor brought up the fact that he had been involved in a fantasy gunner league.  He then ran through the rules, which were interesting.  This led me to thinking, fantasy gunner, that sounds like fun!  This revelation brings me to the point of today’s post:  Clegals official fantasy gunner rules.

The rules are as follows:

In order of snake draft, each person picks two classmates.  Each contest lasts one week and is scored in a cum points format.  At the end of each week, “Standing points” are awarded so that the person with the most points for that week is awarded “First place points” equal to the number of teams.  Second place receives the number of teams minus 1, etc until the last team receives 1 point.

This scoring continues untill the end of the semester. 

At the end of each week, the person that picked first picks last and everybody else moves up one. 

Points are awarded on the following basis:

1.  Every time someone raises their hand (1 point)

2.  Answering a question unsolicited (2 points + bonus)

3.  Asking a question at the end of class that holds the class over (5 points)

4. Referencing additional outside research (5 points, max once per week)

Comment Bonus Points

  • Professor treats comment as filler and/or has no meaningful reaction (0 points)
  • Professor considers comment and offers hypothetical (1 point) 
  • Professor agrees with comment or acknowledge’s its value in some way (2 points)
  • Question clearly alters course of discussion (3 points)
  • Professor disagrees with comment/question openly and dismisses it as having little value (-3 points)

 Optional:  Bonus points for annoying or pretenious word use


One Response to “Law: Fantasy Gunner”

  1. kurzman85 said

    So, I introduced the idea of Fantasy Gunner to a few of my friends/classmates, and they LOVE IT. We started scouting during a radiology lecture for our upcoming mini-draft. I’ll keep you posted.

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