Law: Random Unconnected Topics

October 7, 2007

First of all,  just want to say to everybody connected with Oral Roberts, when your school is founded by a person that said “God told me to raise 8 million for a college or he would kill me” you shouldn’t be so suprised when that same person’s son gets caught lying/extorting from a mission.  For more details about the pathetic meltdown at ORU, click here.

Next, I want to applogize for my lack of activity the last week.  Things have been busy.  In addition to classes I have been subciting and working on my closed memo.  I think God is trying to send me a messege to work in pornography-as-free-speech litigation.  My journal article is about pornography and now my legal writing assignment is about pornography.  In addition, in Civ Pro we are reading about the Jones v. Clinton case.  Everywhere I turn its all about people having sex!

 Next week will be busy as well:  subcite, memo completion and civil procedure assignment (so much yuck, so little time).


2 Responses to “Law: Random Unconnected Topics”

  1. Leah said

    Such irony I think.

  2. […] 18th, 2007 A few weeks ago I posted about the sham that is Oral Roberts as a whole, and more factually, the recent legal troubles of his son (Read:  Taking advantage […]

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