Law: One L Cup

October 13, 2007

I have known I wanted to go to law school since I graduated high school.  I didn’t always know I wanted to go for the right reasons, in fact when I graduated, I thought it was just another hurdle to pass in order to get into a court room, but I knew I wanted to go to law school none-the-less.

About half way though my sophomore year of college, I stumbled on a fantastic way to kill time – Law School Blogs.  I was quickly absorbed into a variety of worlds – The exciting though eclectic world of a Michigan Law Review member, the hilarious thoughts of a pair of friends from different law schools that shared a general distain for the institution as a whole, and even the semi sporadic thoughts of multiple bloggers all working off of some version of Elle Woods or a similar stereotype.

As different as these words were, each blogger seemed to share one common agreement – law school is like high school.  When I got here, I arrived with that stereotype firmly beaten into my head and of course, I saw what I thought I would see, a series of activites that were in fact just like high school (See, e.g., assigned seats, assigned schedules, and non stop giggling and speculation of who is sleeping with who). 

Recently I have been taking a step back and looking at this wholething with new eyes.  Sure, the general classroom atmosphere is somewhat like elementary school and yes we are treated like children, but the social dynamic isn’t high school at all – its college Greek Life, but only the parts I was happy to leave.

Before I continue and get tons of flame from Greeks, I need to start by saying I LOVE Greek Life.  I was a dedicated member of my fraternity, served the community on IFC, and have given back on a local and national level.  That said, like anything else there were things about Greek life I was less than thrilled with, and these are the origins of the comparisons I have been noticing between 1L law school and Greek life.

Nowhere have these comparisons been more clear than today at the 1L cup competition. The 1L cup is a series of goofy games between sections that rack up points towards an overall champ.  Picture greek week on most campuses, but without any of the skill competitions… oh, and HL Central buys a keg, which is always a plus.

Anyway, tell me if any of this sounds framiliar:  People dressed alike, cheering, screaming and singing (yes singing chants) for their team to win a random trophy.  Some teams care a ton, some teams care a little.  Each team has a designated rep who seems to have more vested in the event than the rest of their team, and each team has very clear sub cliques.  Some people eventually decide not to participate, earning them the scorn of those that care.  Yes, its Greek Week all over. 

So after making this observation, I looked at my section.  We have every stereotype – The really dorky kid that is oblivious to the fact people are annoyed, the jocks, the uber-preps, the good looking with a touch of bad ass drink-u-under-the-table guy (not to be confused with the prep that things he can drink but cant), the normal guys, the somewhat random but generally ok guys, the not so good looking great personality girls, each religious group, all of the URM cliques, the semi-cute uber-catty girls, the hot and know it girls, the sorta attractive nice girls, and of course, the token gorgous chick that seems to be laid back and chill – basically all the types that make up the typical greek scene at most campuses (except mabye some of th southern campuses that are dominated by the really rich preps and the overmakeuped hot or think they are hot chicks). 

Sure the high school thing holds true, but wake up law school mockers, there is a better comparison, and its greek life.

In my next post, I’ll extend the same basic comparison to Journals.


2 Responses to “Law: One L Cup”

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