Law: How Many Chances?

October 16, 2007

At the start of the semester our section leader/criminal law proessor had us all over to his (fantastic) house for a BBQ.  While I was there I talked to a bunch of people, but my favorite conversation was with an IU alum about college basketball.  After a few minute I felt compelled to ask – “Aren’t you a little nervous that there is a pretty good chance a few years down the line your wins might be stripped?”  This is Sampson we are talking about, possibly the biggest cheater college basketball has known in my life time.  The grad, unphased said, no no, we aren’t concerned, the issues he had were minor, just a misundrstanding of a small rule.

Cute forward a year and a top five recruiting class later, and what do we have?  Another Sampson violation.  Does anybody think this guy is running a clean program?  Heck, at this point, does anybody think he is running an only mildly dirty program?

I honestly believe most colleges cheat when they recruit.  I can’t count how many times I remember saying “my school got minor sanctions for illegal benefits, if we are ok and do this, what must the good schools be doing?” 

Lets make a choice.  Either fire Sampson and dirty scumbag coaches like him, go back to using the death penalty, or stop calling them “student athletes” and start calling this the “four year minor league program,” cause revenue sport athletics gives the rest of college sports a bad name.

What is it with Indiana anyway?  When I was little the lisping NCAA violation Lou Holtz was the best thing since sliced bread, now Sampson is.  Whats next? Winning is cool, but come on people.


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