Med: Sacrifices

October 16, 2007

Going into medical school, we’re told that our experience is one that will bring about many sacrifices. It’s pretty much par for the “future as a medical doctor” course. And for the most part, I’ve been able to take this in stride. No, it doesn’t make me happy when I miss a family party. Or when I don’t see some of my friends for weeks because I simply don’t have time. You get the picture.

This past weekend, however, was a bit harder on me. Because of monday’s biochem exam, I had to miss Duke’s Homecoming weekend. While many of my friends laughed in August when I said I wasn’t coming (after all, I was Mr. Distraction-Ready in college), it soon became clear I wouldn’t be joining them. I’m really missing my friends from college and have only seen 2 of them since graduation…very hard after spending four years practically becoming surrogate family members. I’m not gonna turn this into some sad/whiny rant, but needless to say it’s been extremely difficult not seeing them in so long.

But at least it wasn’t just me–NONE of my college friends currently in medical school made it down. And there is a light (two actually) at the end of the tunnel.

a) This weekend we (we= UIC’s chapter of AMSA) are hosting the regional conference and I have a friend from University of Michigan coming into town. Even better, another friend of ours–a consultant based in Boston–is going to be spending a few months in Chicago. Adding another friend working here in Chicago, and we have a mini-reunion approaching. Perfect timing–I really need it.

b) It looks like we’re having a New Year’s Reunion–also in Chicago. So I don’t even have to travel and get to see my friends. Sweet deal.

So friends, just know this: I know I haven’t been great at keeping in touch, and for that I’m sorry. But I do really miss you guys. A lot.


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