Law: Random Things I Find Funny

October 17, 2007

I confess that a lot of the things that I remember as some of the funniest moments of the first half of the first semester of 1L year (basically the first quarter of 1L,or as our Torts TA said, the first 1/12 of our legal education) will not be funny to many of you.  To those of you that appreciate this list, awsome.  To those of you that don’t, I’m sorry.  Some of these may be moments where you had to be there, others may be things that are so dorky they only seem funny here.

 10. “I’m the Associate Dean for research, and if you think that’s interesting… you need to get some hobbies.”

9.  My 40 year old torts prof saying he only goes to meetings on the Restatements because they refer to him as the young gentlemen.

8.  My property teacher direct quote:  “So I was writing for the New York Times, because thats where I send my random thoughts…….”

7.  Eric Cartman as part of a practice exam question

6.  Word of the Day game

5.  A classmate thinking that the ***’s in Westlaw opinions replaced swearwords

4.  Goldstein correctly observing that:  “You have a lot of views on the Supreme Court, for starters, you have Scalia and Thomas who want to peel back a whole line of decisions and believe that, more or less, there should be a presumption in favor of overturning any case where Brennen was in the majority.” – Only funny to really nerdy law students

3.  Reading an opinion that included, among other randomness, statements:  “As a matter of law I find that the house was haunted” and “Who you gonna call?  Ghostbusters.”

2.  Telling my property professor:  “Is this what you want, you look angry” when reciting a case to her.

1.  My crim law prof/section head telling a student:  “Can you think of a shoter and perhaps more correct answer than yes?”

 In closing, I would also like to hope outloud that at some point this year Kurzman can put together a similar list of random med school moments!


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