Law: More Christian School Troubles

October 18, 2007

A few weeks ago I posted about the sham that is Oral Roberts as a whole, and more factually, the recent legal troubles of his son (Read:  Taking advantage of the school in shady ways).  This has since led to the son taking steps to make his future firing look slightly less embarassing stepping aside pending future investigation.  The story is covered in greater detail here.

In the interest of arguing both sides, a Catholic Law School, Ave Marie recently had their problems escalate as well.  Here is an article about a lawsuit initiated by some of the professors that were recently dismissed in the school president’s effort to completely eliminate all that disagree with his wacko antics improve the law school.


One Response to “Law: More Christian School Troubles”

  1. LawGirl said

    That last link really left me shaking my head… “Monaghan has claimed that the Virgin Mary personally directed him to develop Ave Maria Town and Ave Maria University in Southwest Florida.”

    WTF? Did he get a text message from her or something?

    Didn’t Martin Luther say that the more certain someone was of knowing God’s will, the more likely we should suspect them of being evil? I could be wrong…

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