Law: Fall Break

October 19, 2007

As I mentioned when I was getting ready to move to law school, I am a terrible flyer.  I get through it, and after the plan has been in the air for a while I normally relax, but in general, I’m a mess, especially when it comes to thinking about flying.  Today at 2:15 my Fall Break officially started.  Tomorrow at 5 AM I am flying back home to spend time with my family and friends. 

My fall break is going to be fairly uneventful – Five days at home and two days at my undergrad.  I don’t actually know how much free time I will have, but the fact that I will get to spend a week doing something other than briefing cases and writing memos.  Thank god.

 I am going to post as much as possible this week, but it will hopefully not have much to do with law school – I want to enjoy this week.

As a side note, we are the first 1L class to have a Fall Break.  Typically “fly out week” (what it is really called) was for 2 and 3 L’s only, then again, until this year Harvard also only had three classes for 1L’s each semester, so I guess things change.

Will me luck on my fligh, I’ll need it!

Talk to you from the other side


One Response to “Law: Fall Break”

  1. so , lucky you are getting time to spent with the friends ah!

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