Law: We Have To Get Jobs In Summer – Eeek

October 21, 2007

Now that we have fall break, the challange is deciding what to do with a week off so that I will thoroughly enjoy myself, be ready to go back, but not feel completely worthless.

So I am looking at my Outlook, firguring out what all I have going on in the next few weeks, and I realize, in two weeks the prep for job searching officially starts!  Two weeks from now we can start working with OCS to find ourselves jobs.  A month after that, we are supposed to be in the process of finding jobs!

 On the plus side, finals are after Christmas, so I still have time to actually learn something about the law.

So I have decided that my productive thing for this week will be getting ready to apply to jobs (specifically, firm jobs). 

In order to do that, I have put together a resume draft.  After I finish editing it, I will move onto my cover letter.

Yesterday I was looking at vault guys to resume’s and cover letters and I was struck with how much easier this would be if people were open and candid. 

Wouldn’t this whole process work much better if we all just put dropped the formality and put exactly what we were thinking on our cover letter?

Mine would look something like this:

“My name is Clegal, I’m a first year law student at Harvard.  I learned about your firm because I went on NALP and searched for all of the firms in Chicago and you were one of them.  I am willing to work in most departments to see what it is like, I see that you are good at X and Y and have big clients in those areas, so if I work for you I would like to be in those areas.  I am from Chicago, so you don’t have to worry about me leaving your firm to move to another city.

What I bring to your firm wont be noticable for another few years.  If you hire me, I wont do stupid things at firm events or embarass the partners.  I will thoroughly enjoy every free meal and firm event and will tell everybody I know about how your firm is spending all sorta of money to bribe me to work there.  If you are a big name firm, I’ll even come back next summer and do it again if you want! 

I’m a 1L, I’m very busy, but  getting a summer job at a firm is very difficult and if you need me, I will drop whatever I am doing and fly back to Chicago to interview.  Please call me whenever or email me.

I hope to hear from you


Honestly isn’t always the best policy.  This whole thing is stupid, how do you sort out 1L’s before they have grades?


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