Law: Rest and Relaxation?

October 26, 2007

As I said before, this week is fly out week, meaning we all get a short break from school before going back and putting our nose to the grindstone between now and Thanksgiving.  The past two days I have been at my Undergrad spending time with my fraternity brothers, other close friends, and seeing a few administrators that I have not seen in a while.

Today was my “chill and see people” day, for which I had the following general plan:

Sleep till 11

Head over to an admin building, talk to a friend that works there, meet another friend for an early lunch.

Get back around 12:30, swing by another friend’s for fifteen minutes, stop at the provost’s office for fifteen minutes, back at the chapter house by 1:15.

Hang out with people until dinner, dinner in a group, drink heavily, watch greeks sing and dance, drink, slep.

Here is what my day actually consisted of:

Get up way to early at 9:15 because I forgot my CPU is an hour fast.

Saw friend, went well.

Stopped at next person, went for an hour and a half or so.

Tried to make a quick fifteen minute stop, stayed for half hour (this actually went really well and I chatted with a partner from Akin Gump for a bit.)  Shoot the breeze with the director of development and head of the Board of Trustees Student Affairs Committee.


Stop to talk to the Provost, goes for an hour and a half (really interesting though). 

Go back for dinner, get ropped into going to the Board meeting the next morning (oy), dinner (fantastic).


Greek Fun


Basically, every one of my “short meetings” went an hour….  And I got ropped into a legit meeting for tomorrow, we’ll see if that actually happens.


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