Law: Housing

November 5, 2007

Kurzman did a post a little while ago about his roommate situation and I figured I would do the same.  My roommate is a generally laid back guy that has fun but doesn’t do too much stupid stuff (at least not stupid stuff like breaking stuff.)  He studies some but not more than most students here and he seems to be about average intelligence for this place.  He is short and could be attractive if he was about 70 pounds lighter.  He listens to goffy musicon Youtube but is otherwise pretty quiet.  Overall, he isn’t a bad guy to live with. 

For those of you that don’t know, I have a single in the dorms, so my roommate is always either my best friend or my worst enemy.  If your still confused about whats going on, please stop reading this blog, it is of no use to you.

Anyway, when I went away to school I didn’t have the debate that Kurzman had.  HLS has dorms for students.  All of the dorms are located on campus and all of the rooms are singles.  The rent is also significantly cheaper than an apartment, so for a student coming to a new place and used to living in a fraternity house, it definately seemed like the place to be. 

My biggest issue is what to do next year.  The way I see it, I have two choices.

Choice 1:  Try to go through to dorm lottery again.  The benfits here are clear.  Cheaper, built in social network, the comfort factor of having done this before, and the awsome location of being right on campus.  The negatives are equally clear.  Its somewhat tough to make sure you live with the people you want, you have to live in a cinder block again, my cellphone doesn’t get good reception, and I’ll no longer be a neurotic 1L, but will live on a floor with a bunch of them.

Choice 2:  Get a group together and rent a place.  Lacks all of the advantages of dorms, but does have the advantage of allowing me to live with people I like and be removed from the law school whenever I want.  The disadvantages are simple:  Somebody has to get the group together/find a place, I’ve never lived in an apartment before, it costs more, and I’ll be more removed from campus.

Notice I didn’t pick the live alone off campus approach.  I like people, a lot.  When I’m a 2L, I’ll have a life, which will be awsome, and I don’t want to be removed from people.  I can’t imagine going home to an empty apartment (sorry Kurzman) and not having people to talk to.  I went from home to dorms to a fraternity house to dorms.  Having people around is something I need. 

So the question really comes down to this:  Will I be able to get a group of people I really enjoy together to justify an apartment, or will I go the safe route of staying in the dorms again?

 All of this of course assumes I pass 1L year.


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