Law: Regulate

November 6, 2007

I should be working on my memo  A lot of my classmates are currently working on their memos at the moment, and I am not smart enough to put it off to the last minute.  As you can tell, I am currently NOT working on my memo.  I swear to you, I intended to.  I had my first draft out, I had the case packet ready, I even had the copy sitting up on my computer screen ready to change.  Then something happened…….

A friend send me a link to a Youtube video.  Once on Youtube, I started searching for songs I wanted to listen to when, of course, I stopped on the greatest rap song of all time.  I’ll give you a few seconds to think over what it is.

Any of you that know me well already know the correct answer.

If you can’t figure it out, you need to take some time to “Mount Up” your brain power and think about it…….

 Thats right, “Regulate” by Nate Dogg and Warren G.  Many a nights were spent by me, stone cold sober singing and jumping around like a mornon dancing to that song.  Anyway, I have heard the song hundreds, nay, thousands of times, but I never did put much thought into what’s going on.  Since I am now a law student, and my view on the world is screwed up beyond all belief somewhat different than the first time I heard the song, I was caught.  I was actually THINKING about the lyrics.  What has law school done to me!

In an effort to continue not working on my memo, I decided to post here on Malpractice, but I couldn’t think of a topic.  Thats when it hit me, I’ll talk about my favorite rap song ever (not to be confused with my favoriate song ever) Regulate.

Regulate poses a hypothetical dealing with self-defense.  Lets take a few minutes to look at the issue in greater detail.

Now, assuming I didn’t totally misunderstand my Crim Law professor, an intervenor stands in the shoes of the party he intervenes for.  In the song, Nate Dogg is intervening, so the question is, can Nate Dogg justify his interventio on behalf of Warren G?

The situation arises when Warren G (hereafter W) is dirving down the street trying to meet some girls for later that evening.  W is driving alone and does not appear to be doing anything wrong.  For further Explination, See, “Warren G was on the street, trying to consume some skirts …. just rollin in my ride chillin’ all alone.”  W turns down a new street and observes some gentlemen engaged in recreation along the street.  W gets out of his car and asks them if he can join, but they pull a gun on him for no reason.  See, ” I hooks a left on the 21 and Lewis, some brothas shootin dice so I said Let’s do this, I jumped out the ride, and said What’s Up? Some brothas pulled some gats.” W also makes it clear that he knows he is in imminent danger when he says, “I’m stuck.”  Now W is clearly being threatened with these weapons.

While all of this is going on Nate Dogg (N) is also driving around looking for his friend W.  N testifies as much when he says, “Just hit the east side of the LBC on a mission trying to find Mr. Warren G.” 

It is clear that the men assaulting W are planning on taking his personal property.   W testifies as follows:  “I’m getting jacked….. they took my rings, they took my rolex, I looked at the brotha said damn whats next.

Now, after a short encounter with some hookers staring at him, N, by fate’s whimsey ends up seeing W get held up.  When N arrives, it us clear that W is in danger.  N tells us in his own words:  “I see my homey and some suckers all in his mix” and goes into further detail by stating:  “They got my homey hemmed up and they all around, ain’t none of them seeing if they going straight pound for pound.”  At this point, faced with the imminent threat to his friends bodily integrity, N is forced to act.  In his own words he says he felt the best thing to do was:  “Pull up my strap and lay them bustas down.”  N then proceeds to:  “Make some bodies turn cold.”  N had “Sixteen in theclip and one in the hole” which he fired and which “made some bodies turn cold.”  This action was effective in freeing W.  After N “let his gat explode” him and his friend W did no further harm to the assailants (as they were already dead) and returne to freak mode and pick up some girls to take to the Eastside Motel. 

Now, in order to prove self-defense, N stands in W’s shoes, so he must show tha W would have been justified in using the force that N used.  In order to demonstrate this, N must show that W was in great bodily harm, attempted to retreat, and used the minimum amount of force necessary.
going down.”  From this account we can clearly tell W was being threatened with deadly force, and thus was entitled to use deadly force to defend himself. 

Retreat is a non-issue, as N said, W was “hemmed up” and they were “all around” which would make escape possible.  In fact, W testifies that he would have fled if he could.  W says very clearly “if he had wings he would fly.

At this point, N enters with his weapon.  As W was faced with deadly force and had no means of escape, he would have been entitled to use deadly force to defend himself.  Since N is in W’s shoes as the intervening party, N is thus allowed to use deadly force, including 17 shots with a gat. 

The way I see it, self defense.


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