Law: A Follow Up On Course “Selection”

November 7, 2007

A few days ago I talked about the process that the school calls class “Selection.”  After that post, a good friend of mine pointed out that THIS TOO is a lot like sorority recruitment!!

Before I keep going, a few of you have complained about me “spending too much time talking about greek life” or “being stuck in my undergrad past.”  To those of you that have expressed these view pi$$ off thanks for your feedback.  With that in mind, I plan to continue to make these analogies for a variety of reasons.  First, I find it funny that at this place with lots of people that disliked greeks in undergrad, there are so many similaritis.  Next, a huge amount of people have already made the “law school as high school” comparison, and I’m trying to keep things fresh.  Last, I liked greek life, this is partially my blog, so I’ll talk about it whenever I want.  Now that we have that settled…..

“How on earth could course selection be like sorority recruitment?”  Glad you asked.  The major comparison, as my friend points out has to do with the liberal use of the word “selection.”  After each round of recruitment, girls “select” which chapters they want to go back to.  Just like class selection, sorority “selection” is actually just rank numbering chapters (ironically at my undergrad, 1-7 just like course selection this semester).  After you have ranked your selections, you have to wait a few days to find out which of your “choices” you will receive.  In both cases, during that week the question “which X did you pick” becomes a topic of discussion. 

Finally, when the day comes, the reaction is the same.  In sorority recruitment, people all gather at the same time for organized chaos to receive their “bids”.  In sorority recruitmet (especially after pref) this collection of choices is really just gathering up a ton of people at the same time and giving them their results.  In school, everybody rushes onto the internet to check they “myplan.”  So many people attempt to check at the same time that the server must set up a process to limit the number of people logged into “myplan” at one (I assume so the server doesn’t crash).  Oy.

Then there is the “consultation” phase.  Did you get which one you wanted?  Oh you got your second choice, thats still good!  You only got your fifth choice?  Oh ouch, that really sucks, I’m sorry.  Hey,do you know who else got into X?  Any idea what Y ended up getting into? 

Same stuff, new topic.

Next post, something not dealing with Greek life, I promise.


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