Law: My Professors

November 8, 2007

So I was reading back over the blog atnd what topics about my semester I have covered.  I had already hit most of the big points of the first year, but I noticed one glaring omission:  I had yet to talk about my professors. I thought for the next few minutes I would give a short summary of each of my faculty members and put some “names” to the personalities.  Please not that these personalities are NOT composite’s, they are my legitimate view of each professor.

Property:  The Gram-bassador.

My property teacher is one of the two most polarizing faculty members in our section.  I personally really like her, althought I can’t stand her class.  A very nice and extremely well credentialed women with an interest in international law, she is also well respected within the field of property.  A conservative teacher with an interesting sense of humor that I greatly appreciate, her she has managed to make me not hate property.  I don’t particularly LIKE property, but I don’t hate it.  She is always prepared for class and often brings up funny or interesting cases (as much as you can in property I guess).  Additionally, althought she “cold calls,” she ususally does it based on your background/home state which means you are generally on call when the time comes.  She was recently nominated for an interesting promotion so who knows how long she will be around.

Torts:  Gold-skin

Our torts professor is almost universally the favorite professor of our section.  Gold-skin has a fantastic sense of humor but nobody can ever remember what he said to make us laugh after class (although, I do remember him explaining the “women are cows” principle of collecting damages).  A visting faculty and one of the most distinguished people in his field, Gold-skin would make an excellent addition to the HLS faculty if it weren’t for his darn kids not wanting to move half way across the country but alas, in a little over a month he will be gone.  Gold-skin is so named for the tan that he has managed to retain despite it being the beginning of November.  Gold-skin is also proud to be known within Restatement of Torts circles as “that young gentlemen over there.” 

 Civ Pro:  Dr. Dwayne

Another professor with mixed feelings that I happen to enjoy, Dr. Dwayne is my advisor.  So named because he recently earned a PhD to go with his law degree, Dr. Dwayne has a more practical background than most faculty members and is fairly young (by faculty standards).  Always willing to point out when the judge is wrong, and often angry, Dr. Dwayne teachs Civ Pro with an interesting (though sometimes frustrating) mix between practical “when I was in practice” an uber theoretical “Can you tell me what the advantages or disadvantages of this would be” approach.  Dr. Dwayne is approachable and laid back and does his best to make us laugh, sometimes succeeding and sometimes not.  Dr. Dwayne has some quirks (like his legitimately random method of selecting students for cold calls and his giving of graded homework) but he also has a good feel for what parts of cases students are not going to understand.

Criminal Law: Danny MPC

Danny MPC is the big man in our section.  Danny MPC is known for having given his heart and soul to the school and is extremely well respected.  Danny MPC is also a love-hate faculy member, with me currently falling on the slightly dislike side after having really disliked at one point.  Danny MPC’s class is frustratingly NOT Black Letter Law, and his hypos are sometimes effective and sometimes random.  Danny MPC does his best to explain and illustrate concepts, sometimes succeeding and sometimes confusing me more.  Danny MPC also seems utterly obsessed with killing the Dean (perhaps so he can move up one rung?) 


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