Med: [Not so] Triumphant Return

November 8, 2007

Wow…it’s been a while since I wrote. At least Clegal has been keeping you all adequately entertained–I TOLD YOU he’d have a lot more free time than I. Ok, that’s probably not true.Like every other mini-vacation from blogging I’ve taken, this latest was exam-induced.

We just had a HELL WEEK here at UIC: 3 exams crammed into a Monday/Friday/Monday schedule. It was pretty rough I must admit…and my scores agree with that sentiment. Ugh. Granted, I’m still passing everything–I’m not exactly in any sort of academic trouble. But I really did begin the year exceptionally well and am a bit disappointed to see my performance drop off. Visions of “honoring courses” and “graduating AOA” were–VERY prematurely–dancing in my head after the first few exams; now, I need to content myself with just passing my courses doing the best that I can. It IS medical school after all.

There’s pretty clear cut reasons for the dropoff, I think. First and foremost, the academic load has really started to take its toll. At the beginning, we were only doing a couple of courses at the same time. In the past month, however, we’ve been balancing a full load: Biochemistry, Physiology, Histology (Lecture & Lab), Embryology, Anatomy (Lecture & Lab), and interspersed sessions of “Essential Clinical Medicine.” Also, the content covered earlier in the semester WAS stuff that I had seen before in undergraduate physiology and biochemistry courses–that luxury has slowly evaporated. Finally, my class attendance has gone down a bit. And while that seems like an easy-fix (just go to class kurz!), it’s really not that simple–I feel like i NEED to miss certain sessions just to prepare for other stuff. Once again, the load is pretty rigorous right now.

I’ve been really good at giving advice to others: “It’s ok…you still passed. Just worry about that.” I’ve been having trouble listening to my own advice. I hate to sound like I’m slacking and overly willing to accept passing as a viable option, but at this point that is more realistic. I’ll just do the best I can, make sure that I pass, and then prepare to kick ass down the road when it REALLY matters: Step 1 (Or, for those not down with medical school lingo–the first component of the US Medical Licensing Examination). But I’m not gonna worry about that one right now.

So much for relaxing, though–we have anatomy exams in less than two weeks. More on that later.


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