Law: A Class About Sex

November 10, 2007

So this week in Crim Law we have been doing rape.  This means lots of things including:  Die Heart Liberals saying how great strict liability is, people uttering thoughts like “well he’s still sorta guilty”, people saying all kinds of stupid stuff, the book no longer offering 3-5 notes on gender bias (odd actually) and a generally uncomfortable atmosphere where people are worried about offending others.

 Except for one guy… mabye two.

For once, I wasn’t one of those guys.  I’m growing up.

 Anway, back at the beginning of the semester we were told that law”borrows” knowledge from lots of outside sources.  Today near the end of class, Danny M.P.C. talked a little about some of the 50 most common reasons people have sex (based on some survey he found in some journal that had a title that made me shocked Danny M.P.C. read it). 

Anyway, here are some of the silly reasons women have sex that I jotted down:

1. To get rid of a headache. I must know the wrong girls, the girls I know use a headache as a reason not to have sex. 

2. To get ahead at a job.  Um…. feminists all over are dying a little inside.

3. To feel closer to God13 year old catholic boys can related, This makes no sense to me, clearly I’m just a sinner.

4. To change the way the conversation is going. Wow, I want to be this bad at conversing.

5. Felt Sorry For the Guy.  I actually knew a guy in undergrad that literally got action out of pitty once, everybody thought it was really funny, I just thought the girl was odd. Apparently there are enough oddballs like this to get the reason on the list.  Isn’t this like saying somebody was such a bad player the coach put him in, seems strange.

6. They wanted to feel degraded.  For once in my life, I was left completely speechless.  What on earth do you say to that?  R-Kelly? Anybody? 


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