Law: Wasted Day

November 17, 2007

So this week is Harvard-Yale.  Normally “the game” is a pretty big deal around here for a variety of reasons most people already know (two oldest schools, oldest rivalry, the first football game played, general rivalry between the schools, two of the traditionally top academic institutions playing each other, no scholarships, and of course, the last time pretty much every senior will ever play football).

Anyway, I imagine “the game” is normally a big deal, but this year, it has the added bonus of both teams being undefeated in the Ivy.  Since this is the last game of the season and both teams are undefeated, that means that in addition to being the one game that everybody wants to win to begin with, its also FOR THE IVY LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP.  Yes I realize that is not saying a whole lot, but hey, a championship against your peers is a championship against your peers.

Unfortunately, I don’t think Harvard has much of a chance to win, but I will get smashed and watch the game none-the-less, which brings me to the point of this post.  I had every intention of having a super productive Saturday.  I was going to finish my work from now till break so I could focus on my job search and memo, and I was going to get in a good long cardio workout.  Instead, I’m going to watch Harvard play Yale and get trashed.  Wasted Day.


One Response to “Law: Wasted Day”

  1. Anon said

    Do you actually think people believe you were gonna get in a full cardio workout? Let’s be serious.

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