Med: Nicknames

November 21, 2007

Since we’re keeping this blog pseudo-anonymous (ok really, everyone that looks at this blog knows who me and Clegal really are…), we generally don’t use real names on this site. But–at least for me–I mention a lot of other people on this site, so I’m gonna do a quick sum-up of the other characters w/ their nicknames:

Brownbear was my roommate for the last two years of college and one of my best friends. He’s a fellow first-year medical student and goes to the University of Cincinnati.

Frosty is another one of my best friends (another dukie) and is currently applying to medical school–and kicking some ass I might add. One particular contribution to this site was a quote “What the hell is a Netter’s?” in reply to one of my posts. She’ll know soon enough….

Cow is my roommate here in Chicago–this year at least–and my best friend here at home. He’s been my “brah” (bro) since 5th grade or so, and we tend to share the same bad habits: spending money we don’t have, eating food we don’t need/makes us fat, and playing videogames when we should be productive human beings. These are amplified when we’re around one another.

I may also make mention to my brothers…and will call them middle brother and youngest brother. Middle brother is 19 and goes to the American Academy of Art downtown, and youngest brother is in high school.I think that just about covers it for now. Maybe my next post will actually be about med school….


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