Law: I know less…..

November 22, 2007

Kurzman’s post about feeling like he doesn’t know nearly enough definately struck a chord of agreement with me.  When we all showed up for a visit weekend last March, we heard a 3L tell us “Going to law school, and especially going to law school here means that people will think are qualified to do lots of things and realy qualify you to do not much.”  The same person also said “Going to school here makes people think you know lots of things when really, you know very little.”  I rolled my eyes and deposited this in the “random comment” box, but really, the speaker had a good point.

 It has now been two and a half months, and there are very few legal questions that I could answer with a certain “yes” or “no.”  This isn’t to say I haven’t learned things, I have learned plenty but what we have learned does not prepare me to be able to analyze a real life legal issue and know 1. if there is an answer and 2. what the answer is.  Then gain, th most important words for a lawyer are “I’m not sure, let me look into it and get back to you.”

 If I was going home, I would almost certainly have a half dozen relatives asking me about random legal issues.  I am however NOT going home, so I get a three week reprive. 

Anyway, to get back on point, I also don’t feel like I know even a third of what I should know.  Hopefully between now and two and a half years from now that will change, but it doesn’t feel nice to have an understanding of something that others interact with often an understand rarely. 


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