Law: Everybody’s an Expert

November 29, 2007

Since we got back from Thanksgiving break, people have been starting to get geared up for finals season.  This mean not only study groups meeting more often and the word “outline” being uttered every few words, but many many review and exam strategy sessions. 

Yesterday Glannon, of the Glannon Guide to Civ Pro was on campus talking about test taking.  Today our professor did 20 minutes on exam taking skills.  This weekend there is a Barbri class to review part o civil procedure and talk about exam skills.  In between is a collection of other actors (2L’s, other faculty, and anybody else that has gone to law school) offering their opinion of how to take exams.

I did LEEWS before coming to law school and I think that helped me build up my confidence a lot.  For me, the biggest worry is actually learning the material, not figuring out how to take the test.

We have three more weeks of these types of “seminars”, “workshops”, and “sessions.”  While my classmates go to those, I’ll try to finish my memo, get a job (mabye a long shot), and perhaps actually read for class.


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