Law: Harvard Students the Money!!

December 11, 2007

When I first read this article, I thought life was grand

Under this formula, I’d be having a signficant majority of my tuition payed for by the good old school endowment.  Unfortunately, I don’t think this will help me save one penny. This appears aimed only at the undergraduate students which, in all honesty, only seems fair.  If, by some chance this would help me out, DRINKS ON CLEGAL ALL WINTER!!

After I thought about this longer, I started to feel somewhat icky/sinister about this decision.  My understanding is that one of the major US News factors is spending dollars per student.  It seems to me that by making the financing change in this way, the school will be drastically expanding their spending per student which may or may not help them catch Princeton (almost certainly the answeris may not) or put some distance between themselves and whoever is unimportant third. 

Now, before you take this as truth, I need to issue a disclaimer: I do not know the details of the US News UG rankings methodology.  It is very possible that they take this into account, but if they do not, then this is a great way to get good PR, seem middle class (or mabye upper middle class) friendly, and boost your US News rankings all at once.

 Or perhaps our new president legitimately wants to make things easier for students and their families.  I hope this is the case and think there is a good chance it is the situation, but the only thing I know for sure is that there are two sides to every decision. 


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