Law: Ding Ding Ding

December 12, 2007

So law firm job application season is currently in full swing which means semi-daily ding letters. 

The “thanks but no thanks” letters started to roll in slowly a week or so ago with a collection of “we don’t hire first year law student” letters.  Since then, the pace has picked up and featured a collection of “we don’t hire first years” and “we won’t be hiring first years THIS year because of larger than expected success in our 2L recruiting”.  Thus far I have only had one “thanks but no thanks we just aren’t interested in you” letters.   I assume those come later.

This is a somewhat humbling process, mainly because it is the exact reverse of applying for law school.  When I applied for law school, I sent out a bunch of applications and received a bunch of good news in return.  Instead of a repeat of this process, my law firm experience has been “send out 439857439857439857 letters and get a bunch of ding emails and letters back”.  Thankfully (sort of), my classmates have all been in the same boat – applying for firms as a 1L is a losing proposition any way you cut it. 

 The positive side:  Like OCS says, it only takes one employer liking you to get a job.   My only question:  how many places do you have to interview to have a god shot at finding an employer that will like you?

 Hopefully I can land a job before grades since I’m sure my grades won’t exactly be blowing the doors off of the place.


One Response to “Law: Ding Ding Ding”

  1. Oz1310 said

    I think this has much more to do with the job market than anything else. Law firms are a bit worried. And 1Ls aren’t a great investment since another firm is going to get a crack at you.

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