Law: Winter “Break”

December 14, 2007

So today was the last day of 1L classes.  Actually, for my section, yesterday was the last day of class, but as of today, all Harvard 1L’s are officially done with the first part of their legal education…… sort of.

Unlike most schools, our finals will be after winter “break.”  That means that instead of hanging out with our family and friends like most people, we will be studying and neurotic! 

Why do we do this?  My only guess is that Harvard thinks, and correctly so, that studying for finals while applying for jobs is a train wreck waiting to happen.  Although I think this is a good reason, it doesn’t seem to prevent other top school from having finals now.  Whatever.

Anyway, tomorrow morning I head home.  This is great news as I miss my friends and my family, however it also has one terrible element…. I have to fly.  For any loyal readers of this blog, this is not new news in any way, but I HATE HATE HATE flying.  I just can’t stand it.  So tomorrow morning I’ll wake up early, lug my 498759345 pound suitcase full of X-mas gifts and school books to the airport, and do something I can’t stand.  Joy of Joys.  Wish me luck!


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