Law: Changes

December 19, 2007

All my life I have hated change.  There is a long history that suggests I will keep something that is “blah” or marginally bad the same in order to avoid having to change anything.   Anybody that knows me can rattle off a list a mile long containing situations where I could or should have adapted to change (or changed something) but decided not to.  When I was forced to change, the change often came kicking and screaming.

This week has been about adjusting.  School ended, I went home, then down to school for a visit.  As many of the people that I talk to regularly already know, I was on a semi-weight loss plan before school ended.  I wasn’t being like, super great about working out, but I was doing fairly well.  Additionally, I had a solid study pattern going.  Now that school is out, I haven’t studied for finals at all and I’ve been to the gym exactly once.

Why do I bring this up?  To express my admiration for people that are able to roll with changes and not be phased in any way.   I have talked to classmates that went back home and studied their butts of without so much as a hickup.  To me that idea seems impossible, to them it is business as usual.  I cannot express the amount of admiration I have for people that are able to do that.

Tomorrow I’m heading home.  Since home will be “normal life” for the next few months, it seems like a necessity that I figure out a way to deal with change, develop a new schedule, and take care of my stuff.  If I can’t do these three things, I’ll be one tubby kid at the bottom of the HLS curve.

Thankfully, necessity tends to bring out the best in most people and in the past it has done a solid job of motivating me.  Hopefully history will hold form once more!


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