Law: Interview Experience

December 21, 2007

Today I had my first legal interview and let me tell you, it was a STRANGE experience.

 For starters, the first person I interviewed with included a discussion of ZERO career related stuff.  We talked sports, we talked home, we talked school, we did it all, but we didn’t talk qualifications or anything similar.

Next, I went to another interview where we mostly talked casully, ocassionally talking about things of merit.

Interview 3 was more casual, catching up on the area and talking about how great the city was.

Interview 4 can be summarized like this:  You’re a 1L.  We interview 1L’s and hire a couple to bring goodwill to HLS, but realistically, you are prolly not going to get hired.  We hope that doesn’t piss you off, please apply next year. 

Interview 5 was a lot about what it is like to be a junior associate.

Interview 6 was a summary, what questions do you have and this is when we’ll let you know. 

Now its a long wait for a ding.

How can I be sure its a ding?  Outside of the fact that I think I made it clear I like the firm, I made a lot of interview mistakes (small things, like playing with my coat).  Additionally, I said a couple of things that, while not bad, were not the best things I could have said at that point.  I also offered exactly ZERO information about my qualifications for the job.  Seriously,  barely talke to people about why I would be good for their firm.  And of course there is the whole “you prolly won’t be hired” speeches that I got from multiple people.


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