Law: Interview Prep Replay

December 26, 2007

Tomorrow I have a second job interview for a firm in Chicago that will almost certainly not be hiring me.  This is another solid firm that I wouldn’t mind working for (though the other firm is my first choice).  This firm has a much smaller Summer class (about a half-dozen summers and perhaps one first year) but a strong reputation and is very selective on qualifications.

My interview will be a 45 minute long screening interview.  I don’t honestly know what this means.  I am hoping the interview is to screen with the possibility of a second interview to follow although I am guessing this is a chance to get to know us and grades will be the deciding factor.  Who knows.

Anyway, I didn’t learn much about interview prep from my first interview:  I am still reading NALP, headhunter reports, and the firm website.

Wish my luck on this shortened adventure, hopefully things are fantastic, I REALLY need a job!


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