Law: “Malpractice” The Gov Can’t Be Bothered To Fix

December 27, 2007

I was reading around the WSJ today, and came across this article which seemed to screw “post on  Malpractice.”

Obviously the fact that the case deals with Malpractice of both lawyers and doctors made it a “must post” article.  Additionally, the fact that for once, an article between law and medicine doesn’t put me against Kurzman in a battle of “good vs. medicine” rather, we both look like garbage.

As sad as this scheme is, it isn’t at all hard to believe.  I’m sure at some point I’ve joked about heard people talk about similar “schemes.”  What is terrible is that these people not only did it, but did a lot of it (and a lot of people were doing it!)

That said, how on earth can the DOJ allow this?  I know doctors and lawyers protect their own, but seriously, aren’t there some people in both professions that want to clean up fraud and make the profession better? 


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