Law: Studying For Finals

December 31, 2007

Over winter break I have, with differning degrees of dedication, been studying for finals.  Thus far my efforts have been focused on Civil Procedure and I must say, I have NO idea if I am studying correctly.

 I realize there is no “right” or “wrong” way to study, but I don’t know if I am even in the ballpark.  I have a solid outline together and I believe I have a good understanding of the major points.  Will that be enough?  I have NO idea.  I hope that the outline I have put together combined with what I already know will be sufficient to get me through the course, but in reality I won’t know till I take my first exam.

For all the people willing to give advice on how to take exams and all of the study guides that exist, there is suprisingly little available to actually give a student an idea how to study for finals.  The common advice seems to be “make sure you know everything about the class.”  Thanks guys, REAL helpful.

Anyway, this is all about goals.  My goal is to get into the fat part of the curve.  Hopefully, I will have a good enough understanding of the material and test taking process to meet that goal – we will see.


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